Midwinter Jicker

Midwinter Jicker Cover Photo

Midwinter Jicker Cover Photo

We released Midwinter Jicker in 2001 under the moniker of Patrick Short with Margie Boulé.

The 12 songs are generally considered “folk/pop”, with Margie singing lead on 11 of them.  All of the music is by Patrick, with lyrics by Patrick and Joslin Larson, a ComedySportz player from 1996-2004.

This recording was meant to capture what we sound like live, with piano and acoustic instruments.  René Berblinger is featured on mandolin, John Antony on acoustic guitar, Pete Boule on sax and Dave Levesque on violin.

Midwinter Jicker
Patrick Short with Margie Boulé
Released 7.24.01 by Viewers Like You, LLC

Gave Myself Away
Angel Dream
Dig Deeper in the Sand (955 KB .mp3)
Fervent Flow (902 KB .mp3)
Let It Go
Hang Up
Landed on Burnside (872 KB .mp3)
Mere Shadow
Sitting in a Corner
This Incarnation

Note that complete downloads are available on the Download Jicker mp3s page.

Mission, Sayonara, Hang Up, Landed on Burnside and Sitting in Corner, music and lyrics by Patrick Short, © 2001 Patrick Short, BMI

Angel Dream, Dig Deeper in the Sand, Fervent Flow and Let It Go, lyrics by Joslin Larson, music by Patrick Short, © 2001 Joslin Larson and Patrick Short, BMI

Gave Myself Away, Mere Shadow and This Incarnation, lyrics by Patrick Short and Joslin Larson, music by Patrick Short, © 2001 Patrick Short and Joslin Larson, BMI


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