Purchase CDs

Some of the albums are available here: portlandcomedy.com/mechandise

Want the other CDs?  Call us at CSz-Portland at 503.236.8888 x4.

One CD

  • Midwinter Jicker 20th Anniversary Edition (Patrick Short’s Extended Family featuring Margie Boulé)
  • The Year it Rained (Patrick Short’s Extended Family)
  • The Traffic Safety Album (The Pullovers)
  • Bold (Cloud Land Clan)
  • Front Left Corner of Heaven (Kaybert)
  • counterclockwise or Red Right Returning (Patrick Short’s Extended Family)
  • Midwinter Jicker (Patrick Short with Margie Boulé)

$15, postage included. Additional CDs are $8 each.  Mix and match.  Buy some for your friends. We take credit cards.

You can also e-mail us at info@shortboule.com and we’ll let you know how to order the CDs.


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