Red Right Returning

With music by Patrick Short and lyrics by Patrick, Amy Gray, Cowan Jenkins, Fiona Jenkins, Jill Bernard and Ruth Jenkins, Red Right Returning brings a pop sensibility to some touchy topics, flavored with some terrific playing by Anthony Dyer (violin), Steve Adams (guitar), Mike Short (guitar and bass) and René Berblinger (mandolin).  Patrick Short played piano and manipulated all of the loops.

About half of the songs have been played live – prior to recording –  over the past few years. RRR was recorded during 2007 and 2008, using a Mac Mini and Garageband, M-Audio Firewire 410 interface and the Rode NT-1 microphone. Alesis synthesizers and rack sound units supplied many of the sounds, and the loops are primarily from Zero-G and BandmateLoops. Mike Short e-mailed his guitar and bass parts in from his studio in Albany, NY.

Lead vocals: Margie Boulé, Jenn Hunter, Amy Gray, Lindsie Reitz and Patrick Short
Guitars:  Steve Adams, Mike Short, Bill Haas
Violin: Anthony Dyer
Mandolin: René Berblinger
Additional Vocals: Cowan and Fiona Jenkins, Toby Berblinger


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