Live Dates


The Dad Kennedys began in 2015, performing covers of great music like Jason Isbell, Warren Zevon, The Who, The Clash and many more. The Dads are:

  • Steve Adams, guitar and vocals
  • Peter Ames Carlin, guitar, organ and vocals
  • Kevin Laurila, bass
  • Jim Bryan, mandolin, accordion and vocals
  • Craig Dorfman, drums and vocals
  • Patrick Short, keyboards and vocals
  • Donna Kay Yarborough, vocals
  • Phil Ajjarapu, pedal steel, guitar and vocals
  • Jeff Porter, guitar

We’re available for fund raisers, parties and more. Call Patrick at 503.236.8888 x4

Kaybert had two live shows in 2018 at Artists Repertory Theatre. We feature songs from Front Left Corner of Heaven, plus covers of Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell, Elton John and Roseanne Cash, among others.

  • Donna Kay Yarborough, lead vocals
  • Patrick Short, vocals and keyboards
  • Kevin Laurila, bass
  • Steve Adams, guitar
  • Lance Taylor, drums


Way back machine: 

June 10, 2012

An afternoon for Bill Haas. Bill performed, some of his students performed, Betse Green and Bill Cernansky performed, and Patrick did The Magnetic Fields song, The Book of Love, with Gypsie Harrington on backing vocals.

November 14, 2009

Patrick Short and the Kids for the Columbia appeared again, singing River of Dreams and Kids for the Columbia. Cowan Jenkins played the violin and many wallets were emptied.

This sound guy – Portland Art Museum – did a good job.

November 1, 2008

Patrick Short and Steve Adams appeared at the Portland Hilton to benefit the Lower Columbia River Estuary Project.  We led schoolkids in singing Kids for the Columbia.

It would have been nice if the hotel-supplied sound guy could have turned Steve’s microphones on. (What is it with “professional” sound guys?)

The kids did a nice job and I could hear Steve, so I know he rocked.


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