Thinking People’s Theatre

Patrick Short and Andrew Berkowitz have collaborated on plays that bring issues to elementary school audiences, using ComedySportz’ Thinking People’s Theatre division.

Frozen Carrots is a 32 minute musical about hunger produced in association with Oregon Food Bank.  There are five songs:

  • Stuck in a Freezer
  • Filling Up the Food Bank
  • Waiting in Line Blues
  • Hungry Sometimes
  • Kids Helping Kids

Andrew wrote the lyrics and Patrick wrote the music (and the chorus to Hungry Sometimes.) We will have mp3s of these songs up at some point in the future.  All songs © 2005 Patrick Short, BMI.

Sky Orbison and the Earth Protectors was written under contract to Metro, the regional government in the Portland area, to promote reducing, reusing and recycling to K-5 audiences.  There are four songs in Sky, plus a handy overture:

Andrew wrote the book and most of the lyrics; Patrick wrote the music (and some of the words to Making Footprints).  Vocals are by Amy Gray, Nicole Barrett, Donna Yarborough and Herb Spice.  Patrick played all the instruments and loops and mixed the songs.  Erik Ames mastered them at SuperDigital. All songs © 2006 Metro.

Coming soon:  I Just Don’t Buy That – a set of plays for the Highly Skeptical (grades 6-8). Scenes from the play are in video form here:

Scenes From I Just Don’t Buy That

Jordan’s Quest: A Sustainable Adventure for grades 3-5. Songs will be up at some point.

For booking information and more information about the plays we produce, please visit


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